Kenneth Kozan - Resume


October 2012 - present

March - August 2012















Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Environment Artist

Epic Mickey 2
Associate Environment Artist

Up-rezzed and detailed low resolution assets from the Wii version of the game to Generation 3 consoles quality standards.
Carried out fixes for bugs from a central database into various levels.
Modified existing textures and material shaders following requests made by the art director.
Created various blend materials and surface effect shaders for the Gamebryo engine.

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL
Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Art - Valedictorian
Cumulative GPA 3.67, Overall attendance 99.4%, GPS Score 111

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
School of Art, College of DAAP - Completed 48 credit-hours towards a Bachelor in Fine Arts
Dean’s List for the Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters of 2008/2009

Extremely proficient with Autodesk Maya.
Expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite’s Photoshop CS5.
Experience with Unreal Development Kit.
Experience in sculpting and texturing in Zbrush 4.
Experience in texturing with 3D Coat.
Experience with modeling in SketchUp.
Experience with Crazybump and XNormal.
Experience using Gamebryo Engine and setting up NiMultiShader materials.
Experience using Hansoft for following project tasks and browsing through the bug database.
Experience using Perforce for revision control.

High and Low poly modeling with focus on props and environment.
Extensive experience with UV Layout, 2D texture painting and texture projections.
Basic rigging and Animation of characters and props.
Experience with scene lighting.
Skilled with photo sourced texturing.
Experience with hand painted texturing.
Skilled in both modeling and sculpting of organic and hard surface assets.

Strong critical thinking, organizational and problem solving skills.
Strong Project Leadership skills, managed teams of 7+ artists and developers.
Ability to work under pressure and take directions and criticism from peers and directors.
Able to meet deadlines, assuring completion of work within specified timeline.
Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
Quick and enthusiastic learner.
Enjoy working in a team environment, with strong collaborative work ethic.
Extensive understanding of the game creation process and game design fundamentals.
Passion for doing excellent quality work.

Creative Lead, Final Game Project. Title: Pirates vs. Pirates. Full Sail University.
Coordinated a group of 7 artists.

Responsible for scheduling time and determining tasks for each artist.
Worked closely with industry professionals with 15+ years of experience throughout the project.
Provided the concept for the game and heavily involved with the game design.
Developed overall vision for the game art, providing the artists with a mood-board, and other references.
Critiqued each and every individual art asset in order to maintain a cohesive vision.
Worked hand-in hand with programmers to implement assets and help maintain continuity and quality.
Key member in ensuring team enthusiasm and drive, moving everyone towards the same goal.

Full Sail University Advanced Achiever Award, Game Art Class of March 2012.

December 2011 Full Sail Course Director Award for Game Art: Game Production I.

October 2011 Full Sail Course Director Award for Game Art: Game Pre-production.

Art Lead, Final Game Project, Full Sail University.

April 2011 Full Sail Course Director Award for Game Art: Level Design.

April 2011 Full Sail Course Director Award for Game Art: Texture Painting and Sculpting.

February 2011 Full Sail Course Director Award for Game Art: Character Animation.

August 2010 Full Sail Course Director Award for Game Art: Methods of Design.

Recipient of the Cordy Rierson Scholarship at Full Sail University.

DAAP Freshman Selected Works Exhibit, University of Cincinnati, School of Fine Arts. Artwork selected to participate in the annual Freshman exhibit. Media: Drawing.

The Scholastics Arts and Writing Awards National Portfolio Silver Award Awarded National recognition in The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in the category Art Portfolio.

Proficient in Portuguese. Reads and Writes.

Proficient in Spanish. Reads and Writes.

Skilled in the use of metals for jewelry making; knowledge of multiple methods of soldering, piercing, casting, crushed stone inlay, stone setting, enameling, and chain making.

Avid gamer. Started playing games in the MS-DOS era.

World of Warcraft player since 2006, Class Officer for two years.